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Gluten-free Brownies from a bag

Gluten-free brownies from a bag
These came from a groovy grocery store so they were in a medium-sized bag instead of a box but they are the same as your average boxed variety.

They were pretty good. Gluten-free products have really hit their stride. The brownies were moist and had that grainy mouthfeel that melts away once you taste it that I enjoy so much in other gluten-free baked desserts (Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies, for instance). I added chocolate chips in to the batter. That made it extra chocolatey and somewhat fudge-like. On the box, they have some variants of the main recipe: more cake-like, more fudge-y, dairy-free.

These brownies will not change your life unless you are gluten-free and are craving brownies and have not had brownies for many years. Or if you are making cannabis brownies. This mix would be perfect for that. 🍪