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Artisanal Almost No-Knead Sourdough

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Same recipe as last time: America’s Test Kitchen. This time though, we made it with a flour from Bob’s Red Mill called “Artisan Bread” flour. The website says it is more glutenous than regular bread flour. We used the same gluten-free (brown rice flour-based) starter. We’re trying to keep our options open in case we want to try making GF bread sometime.

Whatever the magic powers of the combination of this recipe and artisanal bread flour milling, it made for a delicious loaf. It was spongey and sour and airy. Almost like a very fresh ciabatta or even a fougasse-type concoction. But also definitely a sourdough. Fantastic crust although we almost burnt it-the dutch oven was on the hot side of the oven so parts of the crust were dark brown. But still very edible and crusty. 

We bartered a loaf for some masks that a neighbor made. The neighbor was very pleased with the bread.

I didn’t do the slash across the top correctly and I over-floured it just before putting in the oven but man. It tasted great! This loaf lasted approximately three hours before it was hungrily devoured by our household.

This recipe will change your life if your life is limited by a previous lack of access to fresh, spongey and yummy white flour-based sourdough. Or if you need to score three masks, and your neighbor really likes carbs and has three masks but no delicious homemade artisanal sourdough. 🍞