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Bob's Red Mill English Muffin Bread

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I learned from this recipe that the secret to good English Muffin bread-y products is uncooked yellow grits (aka polenta).You roll the dough in them just before baking. It helps the dough from sticking to the baking vessel, it provides insulation to protect from burning, and it also tastes crunchy and toasted. Like another, sparser layer of crust almost. And the crust is good, but the doughy, fluffy interior is great.

The recipe is simple but also kind of time-intensive as it involves multiple rises.

I wouldn’t totally agree that it is “English Muffin” bread because we toasted a couple of slices. And this is definitely not very similar to a toasted English Muffin. Slightly more crumpet-like, I guess.

This recipe is decent and delicious but it will not change your life, sorry Bob’s. 🍞