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Ghirardelli brownies from Costco

These brownies from the giant Ghirardelli box from Costco are Epic. Delicious and super easy. And they come in a pack of 8.

They’re extremely chocolatey, almost fudge-like, dense, and very good. They have that amazing, melty mouthfeel that a lot of gluten-free things have nowadays.

The back of the package has instructions on how to make them but also how to proportion things if you are making more than one (!) batch at a time. The basic batch is like 24 or so brownies, but there are instructions for more (!!).

Highly recommended. These will change your life if you are used to mediocre brownies. You will for sure become a brownie snob and never tolerate any lesser kind of brownie. So when you’re doing the aisles at Costco, don’t forget to hoard a few 8-packs because you never know when you might need however many brownies that bakes. 🍪