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Cooking interlude: Instant Pot yogurt

089332F6 AFCA 47A6 ABE2 6BDDD28C0635 1 105 cThe Instant Pot is a really easy way to make really good yogurt that is significantly more interesting than store-bought. This recipe is from their recipe app.

It takes a while (about 15 hours on the short side), but I think it’s better than store bought because it has a more varied texture. I guess you could get rid of that in a blender or something but I happen to really like it the way it is.

I sweetened the original batch with a little bit of maple syrup before fermentation, and then again when I stirred in additional maple syrup to taste just before eating. It was delicious.

I’ve made it twice now and the second time I made the mistake of trying to boil the milk quickly on the “UltraBurner” on our stove. That just scalded and burnt the milk, leaving a film of burnt milk all the way around the pot and up the sides. I scraped it all off but the burning flavored the milk I used to make the yogurt so it kind of had a smoky flavor. The liberal amount of maple syrup I added before eating them kind of drowned out the smoky/burnt flavor.

You can make a LOT of yogurt from a half-gallon container. I made 5 small (pint) mason jars and one quart mason jar with a half-gallon of homogenized milk.

This yogurt recipe will change your life if you like DIY cooking projects and are unsatisfied with the texture and consistency of store-bought yogurt. 🥘