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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sally’s Baking Addiction

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This recipe was shared by @hollyhoneychurch. Thank you Holly! 👋🏻

Holly warned me that it was a very sweet recipe and to reduce the sugar but since I have had bad luck lately with messing with recipes, I decided to ignore her sage advice and proceed as instructed by the “official” recipe.

It’s kind of a strange recipe in the sense that you take the cookies out of a 325F oven before they look done (12-13 minutes), and the recipe specifically says that they will look underdone. And they did.

Too sweet for me but still delicious. I will invest in better-than-Costco chocolate chips next time for this recipe as they contributed to the overly-sweet issue. So yeah.

This recipe did not change my life but the cookies were tasty. 🍪