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This Healthy Banana Bread recipe is great! I got it from a friend who swears by it, courtesy of Cookie and Kate.

I wouldn’t call it “healthy” exactly but it is less sugary and cloying than “regular” banana bread. More of the sweetness is conveyed through the mashed banana than through the maple syrup which is nice.

Also it didn’t call for a lot of maple syrup. You can use honey too but I am a maple syrup fanatic so.

Here’s what I changed from the base recipe:

- All purpose flour (instead of whole wheat or white wheat)
- Olive oil instead of coconut oil
- Three large bananas (instead of two)
- Added chocolate chips

All of these change are legit per the recipe, which talks about many different variations, including vegan, gluten-free, etc.

The whole point of the base recipe is that it is supposed to be healthier, because it uses natural, less-refined sweeteners and wheat flour instead of white flour. As the recipe says, some of the ingredients have trace nutritional elements.

It is a really good recipe. It will definitely change your life because it results in next-level, less toxic banana bread. 🍞🍪